Lab Members

Jim Grange – Principal Investigator



I completed my BSc, MSc, and PhD at Bangor University at Bangor University under the supervision of Dr George Houghton. I was a lecturer at the School of Psychology, Keele University, UK, from 2010-2016. I was promoted to Senior Lecturer at Keele University in May 2016.

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Agnieszka Kowalczyk – PhD Student


Originally born in Poland, Agi came to the UK in July 2004. Since then Agi has worked looking after people with complex needs in various settings (e.g. mental health, learning difficulties, and dementia), volunteered for different organisations and obtained higher education from the UK universities – BSc (Hons) Psychology from Staffordshire University, MSc Cognitive Brain Imaging from University of Manchester. Agi is currently working towards her PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Keele University.

For her PhD thesis Agi is exploring individual differences in inhibitory control as assessed with task switching paradigms and investigating the robustness of effects seen in task switching (e.g. the n-2 repetition cost).

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Undergraduate Students

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