Month: March 2016

10 Recommendations from the Reproducibility Crisis in Psychological Science

This week I gave an internal seminar at my institution (Keele University, UK) entitled “Ten Recommendations from the Reproducibility Crisis in Psychological Science”. The audience was to be faculty members and psychology graduate students. My aim was to collate some of the “best-practices” that have emerged over the past few years and provide direct advice for how researchers and institutions can adapt their research practice. It was hard to come up with just 10 recommendations, but I finally decided on the following:

  1. Replicate, replicate, replicate
  2. Statistics (i): Beware p-hacking
  3. Statistics (ii): Know your p-values
  4. Statistics (iii): Boost your power
  5. Open data, open materials, open analysis
  6. Conduct pre-registered confirmatory studies
  7. Incorporate open science practices in teaching
  8. Insist on open science practices as reviewers
  9. Reward open science practices (Institutions)
  10. Incorporate open science into hiring decisions (Institutions)

The link to the slides are below. I might expand upon this in a fuller blog post in time, if there is interest.