flankr: Modelling Eriksen Flanker Task Performance

Do you do research using the Eriksen flanker task? Want to engage in some computational modelling of your data?

I’ve recently had a paper published in Behavior Research Methods reporting an R package that allows users to fit two recent computational models of performance in the Eriksen flanker task: the Dual-Stage Two-Phase (DSTP) model of Huebner et al. (2010), and the Shrinking Spotlight (SSP) model of White et al. (2011). The paper can be found here, or if you don’t have access to this journal, I have a pre-print of the article available here (but it doesn’t look as nice as the final journal version!). 



I have tried to make the paper as accessible as possible to researchers with no programming experience and no experience in computational modelling. To help with this, I have made a short (ish!) video discussing the main elements of the DSTP and the SSP models, as well as a brief walkthrough of how to use flankr. This will primarily be used for my students, but I thought others might find it of use, too.

If you have any questions/problems about the package then please don’t hesitate to contact me! The script I use in the video can be downloaded here.



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