New blog – so what?

I was hesitant to start a personal blog about my academic interests. There are so many excellent psychology-related bloggers out there (Rolf Zwaan’s and Dorothy Bishop’s are among my faves); who am I to say anything of interest to potential readers when they could be reading those blogs? But then I thought, why not just write for yourself, Jim? And so here I am.

I already blog about research methods in psychology at This is primarily aimed at undergraduate students who are sailing the turbulent seas of “god we hate statistics”. My rate of new posts is somewhat low, often hindered by the fact I find myself wanting to write about something that is either a) beyond the scope of that blog, or b)  too esoteric for a statistics blog aimed at undergraduates. Therefore, this blog will serve as my outlet for discussing things that don’t quite fit into my other one. Among these topics will be general interest items about academic papers I’ve found of interest, interesting questions I’m working on in my own research, trends in cognitive psychology, statistical issues, data analysis tidbits, bits of computer code (primarily R; for those unaware, I’m a bit of an R-addict), and so on.

I’m hoping that the blog ends up more coherent than it sounds like it will be at this stage. As all posts will be work-related (and when you’re an early-career academic, isn’t everything work-related?), the posts will reflect my path as I wander through academic life.

Every journey begins with a single step…

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